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Flame has a SEVERELY BROKEN PELVIS, TAIL, and LEG/ELBOW (with BONE EXPOSED and jutting through her skin)… as well as… possible HEAD TRAUMA. She has significant eye injury. She will be in the hospital at least through the weekend and seeing an orthopedist/other specialists on Monday morning for SURGERY and REHABILITATION next steps. She is on long-acting pain medication, IV fluids, and antibiotics
Despite all of this, Flame continues to win over all of her caregivers with her incredibly SWEET DISPOSITION, POSITIVE ATTITUDE, and WILL TO LIVE. She is bright and alert… and super affectionate. She is trying to walk but just can’t put any weight on her limbs…. yet. So, she drags her body around. And, anyone that visits her, well, Flames showers them in kisses and headbutts.
Every life matters. Every life deserves a chance.
Paw Power!, Justin Fire Survivor
See more and donate at: http://www.youcaring.com/pet-expenses/crushed-by-a-car/210314






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stress-free zone
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